Tube Industry

Standard in pipes and tubes

Our decades of experience in the manufac­turing processes for all types of tubes make us your expert partner when it comes to high-perfor­mance lubricants. Our special formu­la­tions are ideally suited for use with tubes in various alloys – all the way to stainless steel, in fact.

Your lead in the tube industry

  • Sixty years as an expert partner in the tube industry
  • Specia­lists in drawing, expanding, strai­gh­tening, calibrating and sawing tubes
  • For all sizes in steel and non-ferrous metals

We support you when producing seamless tubes from blooms by pilger rolling, plug drawing or hollow drawing, as well as in the manufacture of longi­tu­di­nally welded tubes. You can also count on the quality of our WEDOLIT calibrating oils for strai­gh­tening the tubes after the manufac­turing process.

Alongside our forming products, the solutions requested for controls subse­quent to pressing ensure high-quality finished products for you.

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