Corrosion protection

CORROSION PROTECTION for economic efficiency

WEDOLIT corrosion protection represents a safe and efficient process flow in metal­working. Individual customer requi­re­ments are very important to us. For this reason, alongside our standard product portfolio, we also offer export-oriented manufac­turing companies in mecha­nical engineering or plant construction corrosion protection products with higher coating weights and longer protection. 


  • Metal­working and processing industry


  • Long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Fast-acting dewatering products with impressive forming properties
  • Environ­mentally compa­tible and efficient
  • Optimal thixo­tropy (WEDOLIT prelubes)


  • Temporary corrosion protection measures
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect results
  • Secure, efficient process flow


Prelubes – they are corrosion protection and forming oil in one. Due to their special technology, WEDOLIT prelubes show a reduced tendency to expire (thixo­tropy) compared to pure corrosion protection oils. The remaining film on the surfaces provides optimal corrosion protection and supports the forming processes in a big way. In addition, it protects the tools against premature wear.

Due to their excellent quality and multi­func­tio­n­ality, WEDOLIT prelubes are the first choice for automotive manufac­turers and suppliers when it comes to stamping and forming parts and components, because corrosion-free interim storage is required here.

The degre­asing of the pressed parts can be completed easily and without residue after the forming process. In so doing, downstream processes including painting (e.g. CDC) are assured without problems.



  • Water-miscible corrosion protection products for cleaning and interim protection of small parts, semi-finished parts and phosphated parts
  • Water-soluble, mineral oil-free and low-foam additives for cooling water, forcing and pressing water


  • Conven­tional corrosion protection oils for universal use ans preser­vation of steel coil surfaces


  • Thixo­tropic, barium-free corrosion protection oils for all cold-strip surfaces
  • Excellent corrosion protection even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Optimal washa­bility even after aging
  • Optimal protection for parts surfaces using oil-bearing films to prevent moisture and other corrosive agents


  • Products with highly effective, oily or waxy corrosion protection films
  • With and without dewatering effect
  • Also available in VOC-free adjus­tment in accordance with the German Immission Control Act (31. BlmSchV.)

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